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BizComps to MNC: The New Path to Corporate World

Nowadays, we hear a lot of things about business competitions. Winning one can be quite rewarding, but the big question is, does it actually help you land a good job?

Getting ahead in today’s job market takes more than just a degree. One exciting path gaining traction is through business competitions. These competitions aren’t just about winning; they’re like a sneak peek into the real world of business. And guess what? Winning here can open doors to some pretty cool jobs in big global companies. Let’s explore the transformative journey from participating in Bizcomps to entering the MNC landscape – a new path to the corporate world.

What is a BizComp?

A business competition is an engaging contest wherein students collaborate to devise solutions for authentic business challenges. Typically organized in teams of 3-4 individuals, participants analyze a provided business case and propose innovative solutions to address the presented problem or situation. These solutions are then presented to a panel of judges through either verbal presentations or written analyses. In certain instances, teams may also need to defend their proposed solutions. The competition ends by awarding the team with the best and most well-thought-out solution as the winner.

Purpose of a BizComp

Business competitions are presented as valuable learning opportunities. Participating in these events allows students to experience high-pressure situations with real-world scenarios. They gain insights into problem-solving, promoting products, pitching ideas to industry experts, teamwork, and efficient time management (often amidst continuous classes). Additionally, business competitions provide benefits such as networking with professionals, earning bragging rights, and the chance to win cash prizes, sometimes totaling thousands of taka.

BizComps in Bangladesh

CreADive 2023

Nowadays, numerous business case competitions are taking place in Bangladesh, and some of them are truly making a significant impact. Those are:

1, Bandwitz (IBACC)

2. Socio Camp (NSUSSC)

3. Ad Maker (NSU YES)

4. creADive (BUPBCC)

5. HSBC IBA Business Case Competition (IBACC)

6. Banglalink Innovators

7. BizMaestros (Unilever)

8. Battle of Minds (BAT)

9. Presentation Whiz Kids (Spartans CC, DU FBS)

10. PTAK Prize Supply Chain Competition

11. Over The Wall (Marico)

12. Hult Prize

Some competitions not only offer cash prizes but also provide winning teams with valuable opportunities to secure employment with reputable multinational corporations (MNCs). Those competitions serve as a platform for participants to showcase their skills and talents to corporate representatives. Winning teams often gain visibility and recognition within the business community, catching the attention of recruiters from esteemed MNCs. These competitions can act as a stepping stone for participants to connect with industry professionals, establish networks, and potentially secure job opportunities or internships with globally recognized companies. The exposure gained through such competitions enhances participants’ profiles and positions them favourably in the competitive job market.

Navigating The Job Search Landscape Through BizComps

In today’s job market, getting a great job in a big company isn’t just about having a degree. Participating and winning business case competitions has become a popular way to stand out. These competitions are tough and practical, giving you a real taste of the business world. Winning not only feels exciting but can also be the key to landing a job in a top multinational corporation (MNC). Let’s explore how shining in these events can kickstart your successful corporate career.

Skill Enhancement

Organizers often choose interns or employees from teams with the highest potential. Winning teams showcase critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, and teamwork – all essential skills in the corporate world. Because they have already demonstrated their work progress in high-pressure scenarios. It’s like a glimpse into the real business world, and being part of a winning team can catch the eye of employers looking for top talent.

Real-World Problem Solving

Business case competitions simulate the complexities of real business scenarios. Winning teams showcase their ability to analyse, strategize, and innovate solutions to intricate problems faced by companies. MNCs seek individuals who can hit the ground running, and case competitions provide a tangible demonstration of a candidate’s problem-solving understanding.

Exposure To Industry Professionals

One of the often-overlooked benefits of winning case competitions is the exposure participants gain to industry professionals serving as judges or mentors. MNCs are not just looking for candidates with theoretical knowledge but those who can bridge the gap between academia and the corporate environment. The networking opportunities provided by these competitions can lead to mentorships, internships, or even direct job offers.

Stand Out In The Job Market

In a sea of resumes, winning a business case competition sets candidates apart. It acts as a powerful differentiator, catching the eye of recruiters who are inundated with applications. MNCs appreciate the competitive spirit, dedication, and intellectual prowess that winning a case competition signifies.

Confidence & Presentation Skills

Effective communication is a cornerstone of success in any professional setting. Business case competitions demand not only robust analyses but also the ability to convey ideas effectively. Winners demonstrate confidence in presenting their solutions to panels of judges, a quality highly valued by MNCs, especially in client-facing roles.

Recognition and Credibility

The prestige associated with winning renowned business case competitions brings instant credibility. MNCs are more likely to trust candidates who have been endorsed by esteemed competition panels. This recognition can be a powerful catalyst, opening doors to interviews and assessments that might otherwise be challenging to secure.



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